1. satellite9:

    AU where grumpy teenager Nicole finds out she descends from a long line of super sentai, passed down from father to son through her bloodline, and that she has to transform into one of these “super soldiers” and defeat evil monsters with the help of her cousin Carlton and her best friend Erin.

    Also, the twins turned out kind of hot.

    Kind of want to revisit this idea when I have the time.


  2. satellite9:

    The warm up sketches of the day consist of lame-ass profile practice for MGN’s main cast… 

    And yes, the twins having noses that look sharp enough to pop balloons is totally canon. Their family is distantly related to a marlin.

    As you’ve probably noticed, a lot of this art was originally posted on my main blog. However, I find it kind of nice to have a bunch of stuff JUST relating to Magical Girl Neil in one place. Easier than sorting through all the cat GIFs over on my personal blog.


  3. zandraart:

    Finished commission for Satellite of characters from the lovely comic Magical Girl Neil! 

    A lovely commission by a lovely artist! It’s always great to see different renditions of Neil in different art styles. 


  4. The Man on the Moon. A Celestial Warlock who is canonically the most powerful known “Superhero” in the Mgn universe. As of now he is slated for nothing more than a cameo.


  5. satellite9:

    can’t draw for shit tonight, so have some doodles of Neil makin’ faces. Technomancer Julie guest stars because in my own magical mind castle I like to think that they’re friends. 

    Pretty Julie Technomancer belongs to Psudonym 

    Neil is not the best at smiling. 



  7. iancsamson:

    One more dopey Magical Girl Neil fanarts. Ah, lookin forward to Magical Girl tropes.

    aw that design though! It makes me think of an outfit from the jetsons.


  8. wombatcastle:

    I’ve been sick and bored and all I want to do is draw magical girls, so here’s Neil in the frilliest lolita-type outfit I could find on the internet (I would link to references, but I found out later that the site was a scam, oops). Doesn’t look as accurate as I wanted (and apparently saved itself at a really low quality), but that’s life, I guess.

    Character belongs to satellite9.

    Fancy Lolita fanarts by the talented Wombatcastle! 


  9. Some of you may know that I am quite a fan of Jeannie Harmon’s ongoing webcomic “Ruby Red" (Which you should all go check out because it’s awesome and so it Jeannie). So of course, when she announced that she was going to be selling hard copies of the comic, I waited eagerly for them to be released, and bought one as quickly as I could. Can you imagine how excited I was when the book showed up and this pencil drawing was inside? Can you?? Well I mean like, probably not, cause I was SO excited. Like a lot excited. A lot.



    I dream of one day being able to make a product like this to take with me and sell at conventions.

    My friend’s awesome blog.


  11. iancsamson:

    Fanart doodle for Magical Girl Neil, celebrating the transformation!

    Fan art by the incredibly talented and awesome Ian Samson. Make sure to check out his webcomic “City of Reality”, which has been a major inspiration to my own artistic styles!


  12. Hello new followers! Have a late night sketch of Neil in… some kind of outfit. Yeah. Thanks for stopping by!


  13. The very first drawing of Magical Girl Neil (circa early 2013). There are some… basic design differences, between then and now. 


  14. satellite9:


    Lineart by Psuedo

    Magical Girl Neil by Me.

    Make sure to check out Psudonym’s new webcomic “Cassiopeia Quinn”!!


  15. Announcement

    Hello everyone who follows this blog. I am writing to inform you that Magical Girl Neil will no longer update via tumblr, as I am instead hoping to consolidate all future updates to the webcomic’s website “Magicalgirlneil.com”. I see no point in having super redundant updates anymore, and would much rather repurpose this blog to other Magical Girl Neil related works, such as fanart, progress sketches on the pages, and the like. I apologize if this inconveniences anyone in any way, and hope you enjoy the extended content that this blog will now provide!